Doyle Brunson ends his career and participates in the tournament for the last time

Doyle Brunson

Doyle is the only member of the first in the history of the WSOP, who lived to this day. In his arsenal, 10 gold bracelets, with 2 of them he received in the Main Events of the series in 1976 and 1977. In addition, Branson became the first player to win $ 1 million in offline events when there were no heavyweight contests yet. He is an honorary member of the Poker Hall of Fame, and even one of his combinations was named after him - 10-2. The book "Supersystem", written by Doyle in 1978, became the "bible of poker" for several generations of players.

In the past few years, the state of health of Branson did not allow him to take an active part in live events. At the World Series for the last time he was seen in 2013, the year. Rumors about Doyle’s participation in the series appeared regularly, but they remained rumors. And the other day, finally, Brunson confirmed his participation in one of the tournaments. Unfortunately, this event was the latest offline event in the life of the legendary player - he decided that it was time to finally go on a well-deserved rest.

Honor to be the final event in the career of Texas Dolly won the Championship of 2-7 Lowball Draw for $ 10 thousand: “Todd told me that this tournament is probably my last chance to ride in 2018. Each offline event is delayed for a long time, and my spouse never sleeps without me. Now she is unwell. After 57 years of marriage, she deserved that I finally began to return home before dark. As for 2-7 Lowball Dro, he was always my favorite discipline. I just could not miss the last opportunity to play it.”

The tournament gathered 63 players at their tables, and the amount of the prize fund reached $ 893 thousand. To support Doyle, his son, an experienced pro Todd Brunson, also registered in the event. Of course, all the attention of those present was focused on Doyle. To everyone's delight, he not only got into the purely 15 prize-winners of the event, but was also able to get through to the final table with an average stack.

After 6 hours of play in the final, Doyle in the Big Blind supported a raise from the Italian Dario Sammartino. Brunson changed 2 cards, and his opponent remained with his. Both players checked. Sammartino showed J-9-6-5-4, while Doyle turned out to be a lady. Dario won the hand, leaving his colleague with 7BB in his arms.

Doyle Brunson

The next distribution was the last for “Texas Dolly”. James Alexander raised to the bank and called all-in from Doyle. Brunson showed 8-6-3-2, and his combination was ahead of the 10-9-6-4 opponent. Each of them asked for a map. Doyle came king, and James - deuce, thanks to which he knocked the legend out of the tournament in 6th place.

Having played his latest tournament, Doyle took his leave and left the gym with a smile to the loud applause of those present. This event can without exaggeration be called the end of an era.


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