In Ray Bitar found another 14 million in offshore

Ray Bitar

The accounts of the US Treasury received $ 14.3 million, which once belonged to the disgraced ex-CEO of Full Tilt Poker, Ray Bitar, one of the main defendants of a resonant criminal investigation related to the so-called. "Black friday".

Funds in the amount of 10.6 million pounds sterling (equivalent to the above amount) were found in the accounts of Bitara opened in one of the famous British offshore companies - Guernsey Island. According to the BBC, the prompt return of “laundered” millions to American jurisdiction was made possible thanks to the de-offshore agreement, which was concluded in 2015 between the authorities of the United States and the island.

Recall that in 2013, the former head of Full Tilt Poker fully admitted his guilt in the incriminated crimes, moreover, as part of the deal with the investigation, the American lost almost all the assets he had found - these circumstances, as well as serious heart problems, allowed the person involved to avoid the huge prison term. It is noteworthy that the terrifying state of health, according to the attorneys of the accused, did not prevent Ray from playing back a luxurious wedding in the spring of last year.

In accordance with the updated data, until recently Bitar reimbursed only $ 40 million, while the total damage from his fraudulent actions was estimated at $ 350 million. Obviously, now the corresponding amount of damage will fall below the 300 million mark.


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