Best casinos in Europe

When it comes to the best casinos, the famous gambling houses of Las Vegas and Macau come to mind. However, Europe also boasts magnificent casinos, which, by the way, are located in small towns. Remember at least Baden Baden Casino and Casino de Monte Carlo, which are amazing architecture and a lot of entertainment. But in the main European capitals, guests can also find gambling establishments that deserve attention.

Spielbank Berlin Casino

Berlin, Germany - Spielbank Berlin Casino

The famous Spielbank Berlin casino is located on the ground floor of the theater on the famous Potsdamer Platz and invites guests to plunge into the world of gambling entertainment in four rooms with different designs and games: Casino Leger, Las Vegas, Casino Royal and Bingo.

At Spielbank Berlin, you can enjoy playing roulette, playing classic card games and bingo, as well as trying your luck on the most modern slot machines.

At the moment, the gambling establishment is the largest in Germany. Since the opening of Spielbank Berlin, more than 20 million people have already visited. Interestingly, every year Spielbank Berlin hosts the famous Berlin Film Festival.

Crockfords Casino

London, United Kingdom - Crockfords Casino

Crockfords is a London casino located next to Crockford's gentlemen’s club. The peculiarity of the institution is that the guest must be a member of the club in order to get into this gambling house.

Founded by William Crockford in 1828, this exclusive gambling club still carries the tradition of immaculate games and luxurious accommodations with gourmet food and drinks. Crockfords has a lot of entertainment for every taste, and on the first floor of the building there are rooms for VIP-players.

The Crockfords Casino is open from 12 am to 6 am from Monday to Sunday.

Casino de Madrid

Madrid, Spain - Casino de Madrid

Casino Casino de Madrid is located on Alcala Street, 15 in the Spanish capital Madrid. Since the opening of the casino in 1836, the richest people of the country have gathered here. However, over time, the casino owners organized a completely democratic poker club here.

Casino de Madrid currently offers guests 12 magnificent rooms where you can play poker, roulette and blackjack. The casino also has non-gaming entertainment: a sauna, a sports club, a swimming pool, a reading room, bars and restaurants.

Officially, the entrance to the Casino de Madrid is open only to members of the club. To get a card, a visitor is required to pay a fee of 7 thousand euros. Recently, however, casino owners have become more loyal to customers, and now almost anyone can get here by prior arrangement with the administration of the establishment.


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Бинго лотерея
Bingo, lottery
Видео покер
Video poker

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