eSportsbetting Is Malta Based Now

eSportsbetting.com has become the first Malta located eSports betting service. They gained their Maltese Gaming Authority license and are now joining eSports Integrity Coalition. Benjamin Bradtke, the once head of Marketing for the Berlin company DOJO Madness, an eSports data hoarder, knows the world of eSports is a growing business.

It is time for more people to take an interest in these sports because they are growing and more teams are trying to show their prowess at world tournaments. Vietnam has a team that will represent their country soon, and then there is the matter of trying to get more mainstream sports enthusiasts to participate or enjoy watching top teams.

Bradtke is the one behind eSportsbetting.com. The start of the last week of February is an iconic moment because it means eSports has a betting platform in Malta, and the Malta Gaming Authority will regulate it. The new platform will start in Austria, Germany, and Sweden. However, eSports is not allowed everywhere when it comes to eSports betting. The UK will not allow people to access the platform, and neither will the US. For now, the betting platform is off limits in countries that do not allow sports betting to be online, even if it is eSports.

However, it does not mean that changes will not come. The UK may be working toward a way to get a license and regulation in place to allow eSports are betting, and this will mean Bradtke’s new platform may become available.

eSportsbetting.com will provide pre-match and in-play betting options. You can see the company has security and integrity in place, given that Bradtke is not new to the game. The team has joined eSports Integrity Coalition to ensure the market remains secure and that integrity checks are made for any of the bets.

Unikrn has also followed in Bradtke’s footsteps for becoming a part of eSports Integrity Coalition. They want to make sure the European eSports marketplace is a safe area to wager in.

It is not surprising that more companies are turning to eSports after data from NewZoo hit the online world. NewZoo shows the global eSports revenue will jump 38 percent to earn $900 million by the end of 2018, and by 2021 the earnings will be closer to $1.65 billion.

eSports is the next big thing, and changes are coming, so for the people who already enjoy it, there will be more perks to look forward to enjoying.


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