Holland discusses possible tightening of gambling regulation.

The Dutch gambling regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) announced that it will hold a meeting for interested parties, which will discuss the risks associated with mixing gaming and gambling on the agenda.

Holland discusses possible tightening of gambling regulation.
The event will be held on October 15 in The Hague. KSA believes that at the moment there is an increasing mix of ordinary games with gambling.

"This is particularly pronounced in the digital sphere. Computer and gambling is not always offered separately on the Internet. Gambling is advertised on gambling sites, and vice versa. In games there are elements of gambling, and standard casino-games, such as roulette, go to the category of ordinary games. Gambling carries the risk of gambling. The main problem is that you need a license to provide gambling, and there is no license to provide simple games" - KSA representatives said.

Moreover, the regulator has added proposals that include more stringent regulation of gambling and digital game offerings. In addition, Kansspelautoriteit plans to impose a ban on advertising games with elements of betting, age restrictions on games with elements of betting, as well as disseminate information for parents and schools about the risks of gambling and games with elements of betting.

At a meeting in October, KSA wants to exchange views on these topics, as well as to hear the views of market participants and other interested parties.

The analysis of market prospects, as well as industry regulation is planned in the Brazilian Senate in plenary session.


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