In Vietnam, was arrested the largest group of organizers of illegal online gambling

The Vietnamese authorities continue to punish the participants of a large group of organizers of illegal online games, which were detained this spring.


Casino Rikvip

The group's activities focused on online games. They organized a casino called Rikvip. The service required players to buy virtual credits for online games, but then they could be redeemed for real money if the player wants to withdraw his prize. According to law enforcement agencies, the resource attracted hundreds of thousands of users, who spent $ 426 million for three years of the company's work.

In March, the Vietnamese authorities announced the detention of persons who organized illegal online games. The group was based in the province of Footho. It involved some of the country's leading police and communications operators.

On September 5, Vietnam News reported that the People's Procuratorate of Footho confiscated an amount of $ 15.9 million from three mobile operators - Viettel, Vinaphone and Mobiphone. It was through their mobile cards that illegal activities were funded for replenishment. The People's Procuratorate demanded from online payment services and 33 banks to report illegal proceeds.

Vietnamese police helped break the law.
Meanwhile, last week prosecutors completed indictments against two senior police officers - Fan Van Vinh, former director of the police department of the Ministry of Public Security, and Nguyen Than Hoa, the former chief administrator of the Ministry of Cybersecurity, who "protected" the group's activities.

According to the Vietnam News, they are charged with abuse of office in the performance of their duties. Each of them faces imprisonment for a term of five to ten years.

According to the indictment, Vinh not only neglected the laws in force. He signed documents that helped create this group, and later instructed Hoa to also sign documents related to the activities of the shadow company. According to prosecutors, Vinh tarnished the reputation of the police. In addition, Hoa actively prevented attempts by other police officers to investigate this case.


Who stood "at the helm"

A total of 92 people are charged with organizing illegal gambling business. The heads of this group - Nguyen Van Duong, chairman of the high-tech security company CNC, and Fang Xiao Nam, the founder of the telecommunications company VTC - collected most of the profits from illegal gambling in the amount of $ 202 million.


Features of Vietnamese legislation
In Vietnam, any form of online gambling is prohibited. Currently, only a law is being developed, allowing residents of the country to take part in such entertainments. The government also plans to legalize sports betting, but is reported to have difficulty finding the desired operators, in part because of strict rules restricting the activity of bookmakers.


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