The largest robberies in the history of the casino

Casino Criminals

The casino is a real find for a robber, if he, of course, has the mind and determination to turn a daring crime. In feature films, casino robberies are planned very carefully, ingenious scammers think through every detail and gracefully embody the conceived. In real life, robberies of gambling establishments are absolutely different from those that we see on the screen.

Quiet casino robbery

The most famous robbery of the casino passed without a single shot. The thief did not have to make a tunnel or otherwise illegally enter the territory of the gambling establishment. An American casino employee Bill Brennan just one day folded his $ 500,000 into his bag and quietly left the workplace. Since then, no one else has seen him.

This incident happened in 1992. Due to the fact that Brennan worked in the casino for a very long time and proved himself well, the guards at the exit did not check his personal belongings, not even suspecting that the man was leaving the casino with a huge amount of money.

Unreasoned robbery

But the next robber acted fairly straightforward. The man entered the casino, took out a gun and took the chips for $ 1.5 million.

Apparently the criminal felt invulnerable, once decided on such a daring robbery. However, luck quickly left him. Rather, it was greed and inattention: the robber's extraction was made up of very expensive chips with a chip, which it is difficult to quietly exchange for money or sell. The police quickly figured out the criminal.

He was found shortly after he published pictures of stolen chips on one of the forums. Probably, if a man thought out his actions more carefully, then everything could have turned out differently.

Family affair

And sometimes they rob a casino at once with all family. So it happened in Texas - the father and his sons turned a double robbery of the casino.

The head of the Royal Royal Maine Hopper family worked at the casino security service, which gave him access to all security protocols. After a while, he and his sons Bobby and Jeff turned two robberies at once.

The first raid on the casino was quite quiet, and the family took with them not too large a sum. But the second robbery was completely different. This time the family used a whole arsenal - in the course went overhead mustache, beards, wigs and even smoke bombs.

It was a huge amount of smoke and helped criminals without problems leave the gambling establishment. However, the police soon arrested the robbers.

Almost Bonnie and Clyde

Sometimes in a robbery, lovers also take part. In 1993, 21-year-old Heather Tollchief met Robert Solis, who turned out to be a recidivist. However, this did not scare the girl away and soon they together organized a robbery of the famous casino Circus Circus in Las Vegas. Robert Solis asked Heather to help him get this thing out by promising to marry her.

This robbery turned out to be quite spectacular, as the couple flew into the casino, breaking through its car with a wall. Threatening with a pistol, the robbers took $ 2.5 million with them.

For a very long time the police were looking for thieves, but soon the case was closed. And after 13 years, Heather came to the police station. The girl said that the beloved threw her soon after the robbery. In the police, Heather said, where is now Robert Solis, and even helped to return the casino some of the stolen money.

Red and black

And another interesting robbery, which strangely enough, had a positive outcome for all.

Several young people learned the speed of rotation of the roulette wheels with the help of calculations and were able to predict which numbers the ball would fall to. And for a few days the innovators were able to get thus $ 1.2 million. However, soon the casino security service revealed their actions. By the way, two similar stories in due time became bases for the Hollywood films about a casino.

But the most interesting thing is that the young people were released without even charging them. And the casino was able to improve security measures after this incident, protecting itself from such surprises in the future.


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