Russia seeks to solve problems associated with gambling


Roskomnadzor blocked almost 14,500 unauthorized online gambling domains in August. The total number of blocked domains for the year exceeded 76 thousand, which is 269% higher than the number of blocked resources for the entire 2017 year.

Illegal Internet content related to gambling is one of the main problems with which Russian supervisory authorities continue to struggle actively.

All gambling online games are banned in Russia, except for sports bets. Only 15 Russian companies own online licenses for sports betting. According to the July reports on traffic on the Internet, Fonbet continues to lead the rating of the most popular sites. Its figure was 10.1 million, which is much more than the runner-up 1xBet - 8.3 million. In third place was the "League of Stakes" with the number of visits 4.9 million.


Complex identification procedure

However, there are some problems related to the activity of bookmakers in Russia. For example, a multi-stage registration process on one of the two official online platforms for accepting bets in Russia, known as CIPIS. The Russian government has promised to optimize this procedure, but so far it is a significant obstacle for customers of licensed BCs.

Anton Rozhkovsky, chairman of the Mobile Card company, which processes payments for 10 operators, included in the First Self-Regulating Organization of Russian Bookmakers, said that the first SRO of the first SRO registered more than 1.5 million players, but only about two thirds of them passed before the final stage of the process Registration, having submitted the documents in office of the company.




Fighting illegal online gambling


Meanwhile, the Russian authorities continue to search for ways to combat the popularity of illegal online casinos, such as Azino777, licensed in Curacao. This service recently became the leader in viewing advertising in RuNet, ahead of such giants, such as Pepsi and Mars.

Roskomnadzor actively struggles with the placement of such content. Its blacklist of domains now contains 3250 Azino-related addresses, which is ten times the number of Azino mirror sites.

Moreover, the Ministry of Culture of Russia suggests allowing Roskomnadzor to block websites that publish Azino777 advertising content and prohibit further unlocking without obtaining a relevant court decision. The administration of blocked sites will have to prove in court to its non-involvement in the illegal activities of companies.

Denis Parfenov, a member of the State Duma committee on self-governance, expressed his opinion within the framework of a public forum that the only way to economically influence show business stars participating in advertising an illegal casino is to deprive them of concert venues and the opportunity to sell tickets for their performances in Russia .



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