Slot development in 2018: conversation with developers

The most famous developers gathered to discuss the trends and trends of the industry. On the agenda:

    Peter Koli, the company's managing Director, Lightning Box Games;
    Eric Gullstrand, Vice President of development, Quickspin;
    Fredrik Elmqvist, CEO of Yggdrasil Gaming;
    Tom wood, Vice President, Scientific games Interactive.

As the industry has changed from the year 2016?

Fredrik Elmquist: the competition In the market is as high as never before, so operators are looking for ways to get the most out. In these circumstances, it is not enough to simply provide a quality product to achieve success. Now the games should be able to use it as a promotional offer, in addition, requires functionality that can impress the user. This means that developers have to really rack their brains and come up with new concepts, our Mission Tool, for example. Also in the developments of 2017, you can see a trend aimed at increasing rates. The user is faced with a higher degree of risk, but also increased chances to disrupt the jackpot.

Eric Gullstrand: a lot of modern software appeared on the web, it promises good prospects for such innovative companies as Quickspin. Our company was bought out last year by PlayTech. This merger and work in their company has provided us with many new ways to develop. In addition, we are adding new technologies to our games, which give gamblers the opportunity to experience additional features.

Tom wood: We've seen a sharp rise in the mobile sector over the past few years. Most likely, 2018 will be a key year for the development of mobile platforms. Users are so accustomed to their devices that the game they are perceived as something natural. This level of familiarity with the platform gives developers the opportunity to significantly push the boundaries and create applications that will offer users a completely new gaming experience. In a good way.

Peter Cosley: it's all very exciting. We saw this year, several impressive releases, which showcased several new apps and new gaming functions. Speaking of a level that shows Lightning Box games, we've released some pretty good games, including the latest one called Panda Pow. As you might guess by name, the main character of the game was a funny Panda, who owns the techniques of kung fu. Next year we also prepared several high-profile releases, such as the RedRoo app. I hope that players will perceive them as well as our previous creations.
How does the industry of slots development change, does it meet the needs of players and modern technologies?

PC: HTML5 Development gives us the ability to create content that was unthinkable on the Flash platform. Casino sites can put together an incredible collection of applications, which gives players a variety of choices, which was not before. Our society is usually not immersed in the process with a head due to lack of time. The development of 3G and 4G gives you the opportunity to play on the go, on the way from work you can open the application and continue to play it on your home computer in the evening after a hard day.

TV: Technology is changing so rapidly that developers have to work hard to meet today's user expectations. We need to rebuild very quickly so we don't get overboard. As one of the examples here is our technology Portrait Mode. The changes in the image on the device are quite insignificant, but the new features greatly simplify the gameplay, allowing the gambler to rotate the reels with one hand. The development of technology has bolstered the industry as a whole and allowed to create better products.

EG: Users are becoming more demanding, now they know exactly what they will like or not. In this case, the choice becomes more and more, so many games will not be able to survive in the market. Players need not only entertainment, they want to get satisfaction from the game. We see such tendencies of development. Many of our developments are based on the new technology Achievements Engine, which allows players to receive prizes not only for the back, but also for the performance of other tasks during the game.

FE: the most important thing in our work is to create a new concept and technology that will help to solve the problems faced by the operator. It is very important to develop existing technologies and fully disclose their potential. In addition, we always try to predict and anticipate future trends in the technology market.
If you compare PCs and mobile platforms, what will become more promising?

EG: Mobile, of course. The platform is developing very quickly and will not lose pace in the next few years. So many aspects of modern life are connected with mobile devices, whether phones or tablets. We read the news, use social networks, make online purchases and try to have fun with games, some of which are slots. Now we can create truly impressive content for mobile platforms as well. There comes a Golden age for fans of slots.

TV: the PC remains the biggest platform, so you should not miss it. It is very important that we continue to improve the software and improve the gameplay. Mobile devices do occupy a fairly large niche. If we are able to provide their users with equally impressive gaming experience at any time in any place, it can be considered a very cool achievement.

PC: the rise in popularity of mobile platforms is really very rapid, and it won't stop in the next few years. It seems to me that at one point mobile technologies will reach a certain point of development and stop there. But while it is impossible to predict when it will happen. We have always focused on the PC, and talking about its decline, in my opinion, too early. Although mobile technologies are developing, many products look much better on the big screen.

FE: Mobile devices continue to develop and improve, I believe that this trend will continue in the near future. We adapt more than half of our apps for use on the mobile platform. 52.3%, to be exact. This allows the company to take a leading position in this field among the suppliers of casino software.
What are the most significant challenges facing the industry, and how do you deal with them?

TV: one of the problems that we personally face is the emergence of a huge number of "exclusive" developers on the market. As the number of existing companies increases, we must improve our portfolio so as not to fall out of the clip.

Another point that faces any industry that creates content-the constant development of modern technologies. When new devices are released, their size changes, new functions are added, we need to adjust. Mobile devices are updated very often, so this platform should be very closely monitored. The solution is to be as flexible as possible and use technologies that allow you to rebuild as quickly as possible. Our team keeps track of operating system updates even before the announcement of these changes and is ready to make the necessary changes to the application to support advanced systems.

EG: it is Very difficult to generate new ideas for development, as in any creative sphere. As for the themes, characters, soundtrack, and mathematical calculations behind all of this, innovation must be constantly offered. But it is the complexity of this task that motivates us the most.

PC: I believe that the stricter requirements of casino operators to significantly reduce opportunities for developers. This significantly complicates our work. The solution is to continue to develop really high-quality applications that users will be interested in playing. Competition among developers is simply unimaginable, so only the strongest will survive. But I firmly believe that the quality will always be noticeable and our applications will be able to pass the test of time. People will always want to play only high-quality and exciting games. That's what we're working on.

FE: Given that thousands of different slots are available online, the biggest challenge is to create something truly new, unique and exciting. That's why we put such a strong emphasis on innovation and devote a lot of time to each of our creations instead of promising releases of hundreds of applications every year. While we are trying to innovate, they still need to be responsive among the players. We are constantly looking for something that can change the course of the game as a whole. Whether it's a new technology, a new concept or even an updated payout system.

The developers are not standing still. Some companies focus on the development of mobile platforms, some remain committed to gambling with the help of a computer. In any case, for players it is only an extension of horizons and the opportunity to get a new gaming experience.


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