Tragedy at the country festival.


The US media reported shooting in Las Vegas, near the casino "Mandalay Bay". As reported, the state of emergency occurred at the country festival "Route 91", held on the territory of the hotel complex for three days. The shooter (according to some sources, there could be several of them), presumably, fired from the balcony of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

"A shot after a shot, bullets flew everywhere, people fled," Heavy quotes one of the eyewitnesses as saying. "They shot from somewhere above."

Accurate data on the number of shooting and possible casualties and casualties are not present. The police reported on the verification of the information received and asked citizens to leave the danger zone, reports NBC.

"We are investigating reports of an arrow near / in the vicinity of the Mandalay Bay Casino, please avoid this area," the local police said on Twitter. "

Eyewitnesses reported numerous sounds of shots (in the published video, sounds resembling automatic queues are heard), the ambulance arrived in the place of arrival, and many victims were reported to hospitals, reports ABC7.




At the same time, Hollywood Reporter reports that at least 20 people have been affected.

The shooter soon started running, reports of shooting began to come from other parts of the city. Later, it was reported that the suspect had been liquidated.

In the media and social networks began to appear photos from the place of emergency, captured, presumably, dead when shooting people. Initially, it was reported that the death of at least two people was confirmed, 24 (according to other sources, 25) were wounded. A couple of hours later, updated information came: 20 people were killed, about 100 injured.



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