UK Gamblers on Mobile Devices is Up

More UK gamblers are going to their mobile device, instead of their computers. They are also losing interest in any social media advertisements about online gambling operators. Tuesday, February 27, 2018, the UKGC or UK Gambling Commission published statistics regarding gaming.

The report interviews 1,000 randomly selected people. It is conducted every three months, and when published combines the 4,000 respondents answers into a year average, with seasonal details.

The latest results are not a surprise. It shows that 45 percent of people have gambled at least once in a four-week time frame. In, 2016, the percentage was 48, so 2017s numbers are lower than the previous year. A year on year look shows gambling down 31 percent or two points, but this does not include the National Lottery players.

Online gambling participation did not change drastically, as it is still close to 14 percent. The average gambler online had four accounts, which was one more than in 2016, but equal to the accounts open in 2015.
By multiple accounts, the survey asks if players use different online casinos to play their favorite games. It may suggest that players are seeking the “free” credit deals. These players may invest only what is necessary to get free money to play with and then move on to the next welcome bonus deal.

eSports, In-play, and Mobile Details

When it comes to the devices gamblers are using to access their online accounts; laptops are used most often. The data shows 50 percent of gamers use their laptops. It is down from 60 percent, which was the figure in 2015. Mobile phones gained a higher percentage by 10 points, rising to 39 percent of users logging in via their phones. When combined with tablets the number is closer to 51%, with an eight-point gain. The PC is used only 33 percent. Males tend to use PCs more than females, according to the numbers, which are 39% and 24%, respectively.

With regards to online in-play betting, participation has barely changed at 26%; however, the age demographics are varied, with a higher percentage of people 55 to 64 playing than those between 45 and 55.
When it comes to eSports betting it is the first time the UK Gaming Commission has included the numbers in a public media report. Betting is exclusively online, and 7 percent of surveyed individuals show they have placed bets on eSports.


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